650+ top rated courses and videos including certifications in Project Management


1,500+ top-rated courses including certifications in Microsoft Office and Adobe


5,000+ top rated courses, including 100 IT certifications from basic (Microsoft Office) to advanced (Internet Security)


The courses you need to pass certification exams featuring categories such as: Cisco, Oracle, Google, Microsoft Office, and Linux Professional Institute (LPI).


Original Course Cost $1650 RIAS Offer Price (at a discount of Upto 60%) Rs. 50,000/- only

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    Best Skill Development Place

    Skill Development is the process of identification of the skills gap in youth and giving skilling education & employment advantages to them. Therefore, RIAS Academy is continuously making efforts to provide skill development to the youth with their skilling partners around the country.

    Improved Education System

    Today the education industry faced many difficulties, and to improve the education system and the appearance and growth of the education industry, it is necessary to improve the education system.

    Multiple Courses

    RIAS Academy provides multiple courses that are based on requirements and development skills.