Aws Certified Developer – Associate: Principles And Essential Services

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Aws Certified Developer – Associate: Principles And Essential Services

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Explore the core AWS architecture, services, tools and their utilization to implement application development and deployment in Amazon Web Services.

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Lesson Objectives
AWS Certified Developer – Associate: Principles and Essential Services

  • recognize the technical benefits of cloud computing
  • list the important design principles that needs to be applied while architecting on the cloud
  • identify the essential components of Amazon Web Services along with the various services offered by those components
  • describe the various ways and approaches of interacting with the cloud
  • create EC2 instances and describe the security group configuration options
  • demonstrate how to implement auto scaling groups in Amazon Web Services
  • describe how to facilitate serverless setup and how its used with Lambda
  • recognize the various types of storage that are available in Amazon Web Services and the patterns of using them effectively
  • configure and work with S3, EBS, and Glacier
  • specify the various approaches of content delivery in Amazon Web Services
  • work with content delivery using Amazon CloudFront
  • specify the various implementations of database services in Amazon Web Services
  • create and configure the RDS service to be utilized as a database for applications
  • configure and use DynamoDB with applications
  • describe the various cloud management tools and the scenarios of utilizing those tools
  • work with CloudFormation templates in Amazon Web Services
  • build and deploy applications using Amazon Beanstalk
  • recognize how SNS and SWS is used in Amazon Web Services
  • identify the concept of cloud networking in Amazon Web Services and how to set up subnets and IP ranges
  • implement VPC and subnets in Amazon Web Services to deploy applications
  • create an EC2 instance that utilizes RDS and VPC


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