Base Sas 9 Programming: Data Structures

Base Sas 9 Programming: Data Structures

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Combining loops and arrays opens up some of the more powerful features of SAS programming. This course covers various do loop types, and introduces arrays in SAS. It goes on to cover further techniques for restructuring and combining data including match merges. Finally, it takes a brief look at SQL database connectivity in SAS. This course is one of a series that prepares you for the SAS certification exam, SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9.

Target Audience
Learners interested in programmatically working with data in SAS systems.


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Lesson Objectives
Base SAS 9 Programming: Data Structures

  • start the course
  • create a simple DO loop in SAS
  • create a DO WHILE loop in SAS
  • create a DO UNTIL loop in SAS
  • create a nested DO loop in SAS
  • reduce redundant code in a SAS program by creating a DO loop
  • describe the characteristics of arrays in SAS
  • create an array in SAS
  • process all the elements of an array in a SAS program
  • create variables in an array in SAS
  • perform calculations using arrays and the keyword OF in SAS
  • assign initial values in an ARRAY statement in SAS
  • use the TRANSPOSE procedure to manipulate data sets in SAS
  • use the TRANSPOSE procedure to rotate data sets in SAS
  • perform a match-merge on SAS data sets
  • control a match-merge with OUTPUT, DROP, KEEP, FIRST and LAST
  • merge data sets with no common variable by using a series of separate DATA steps
  • use SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME to match-merge a SAS data set with an Excel workbook
  • use RENAME to match-merge data sets with same-named variables
  • describe PROC SQL and use it to connect to a data set
  • use PROC SQL to query a table in SAS
  • use PROC SQL to join tables in SAS
  • create and process an array and merge data sets in SAS


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