Java Se7 Fundamentals: Introduction To Java

Java Se7 Fundamentals: Introduction To Java

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Java, an object-oriented programming language, is the most widely used development language in the world today. It allows programmers to create objects that can interact with other objects to solve a problem. This course describes key features of Java and object-oriented programming, Java technology and the development environment, working with IDEs, and the product life cycle. It covers using object-oriented analysis, identifying problem domains and objects, defining criteria for recognizing objects, attributes, and operations, and designing and modeling a class. Defining a class, identifying class components, using variables, using a main method, identifying keywords, testing and executing a simple Java program, common causes of syntax errors, and the purpose and features of an IDE debugger are also explored. In addition, this course covers identifying the uses of variables and defining a variable’s syntax, primitive data types, declaring, initializing, and using variables and constants, modifying variable values by using operators, and using promotion and type casting.

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Lesson Objectives
Java SE7 Fundamentals: Introduction to Java

  • identify the key concepts of the Java programming language
  • identify the Java technology groups
  • recognize how IDEs help speed development time
  • sequence the stages in the product life cycle
  • identify the features of objects, attributes, and operations
  • recognize factors to consider when designing and modeling a class
  • identify how to define a class using Java
  • recognize how to test and execute a simple Java program
  • use the features of the IDE debugger
  • create a project in the NetBeans IDE
  • recognize how to use NetBeans to create and compile a Java class and to create a test program
  • recognize the features of the NetBeans debugger


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