Togaf® Fundamentals – Enterprise Architecture Basics

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Togaf® Fundamentals – Enterprise Architecture Basics

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This course will introduce the TOGAF® framework and Enterprise Architecture and then go deeper into how to develop architectures using the framework.

Target Audience
Enterprise Architects and Senior Management in organizations looking to start or enhance an Enterprise Architecture practice.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives
TOGAF® Fundamentals – Enterprise Architecture Basics

  • start the course
  • define the purpose of Enterprise Architecture
  • define what is a framework and it’s usage in architecture
  • describe who is The Open Group and the multiples components in TOGAF®
  • define the multiple Architecture domains that TOGAF® discusses (Business, Data/Information, Application, and Technology)
  • define the 10 phases used in architecture development
  • define Deliverables, Artifacts, and Building Blocks
  • describe how generalized solutions can be used to provide more specialized solutions
  • define how Enterprise architecture is a business capability itself and why it should be treated that way (i.e. like other business units)
  • describe the activities involved in setting up a new enterprise architecture
  • develop the vision of the business value to be developed by enterprise architecture including getting the appropriate approvals
  • develop the business architecture describing the enterprise and its target business operations required to meet business goals
  • develop the Data/Information and Application architectures describing the targets required to support the business architecture and targets
  • develop the technological architecture describing the target technology required to support the Business and Information Systems architectures
  • describe how to develop a road map to move the business from where they are today to the target state, potentially involving transitional architectures
  • describe how to implement the changes required by the roadmap while effectively communicating the changes and reasons for them
  • describe how to obtain the desired business value from implementing the required changes and how to ensure that these changes are being implemented according to the design
  • describe how to maintain the architecture lifecycle in order to insure the architecture’s capability is meeting the business requirements
  • describe how Management Requirements are needed and well-managed for each phase of the architectural lifecycle in order for the dependent architectures to be meaningful and accurate
  • use iteration in order to develop architectures across the enterprise at different levels
  • identify security implications that are in involved across the Architecture Development Method
  • describe the Services Oriented Architectural style and how it aligns the Architecture Development Method
  • describe architectural principles and apply them to the Architecture Development Method
  • describe how to manage stakeholders and their viewpoints throughout the application of the Architecture Development Method
  • identify patterns and align them with the Architecture Development Method
  • describe how to acquiring business requirements primarily through the vision and business architecture phases
  • answer questions based on case study


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