Trifacta for Data Wrangling: Wrangling Data

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Trifacta for Data Wrangling: Wrangling Data

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Data wrangling, an increasingly popular tool among today’s top firms, has become more complex as data become even more unstructured and varied in their source. In this 13-video Skillsoft Aspire course, you will learn how to simplify the task by organizing and cleaning disparate data to present your data in the best format possible with Trifacta, which accelerates data wrangling to enhance productivity for data scientists. Learn to reshape data, look up data, and pivot data. Explore essential methods for wrangling data, including how to use Trifacta to standardize, format, filter, and extract data. Also covered are other key topics: how to split and merge columns; utilize conditional aggregation; apply transforms to reshape data; and join two data sets into one by using join operations. In the concluding exercise, learners will be asked to start by loading a data set into Trifacta; to replace any missing values, if necessary; and to use a row filter operation, use a group by operation, and use an aggregate function in the group by operation.

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Lesson Objectives
Trifacta for Data Wrangling: Wrangling Data

  • Course Overview
  • remove units from data and covert to another format
  • change date formats to the ISO 8601 standard
  • create filters based on existing column data
  • replace values based on a particular criteria
  • count the number of matches for values in data
  • split columns based on a pattern
  • merge multiple columns into one
  • create a new column from extracted data
  • apply a group by transformation to aggregate with a conditional value
  • apply a number of transforms to reshape data
  • join two data sets into one using a join operation
  • apply data wrangling functions using Trifacta


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